“Inspiring, energetic, mind blowing, life changing.”


The course is offered over SIX weeks, one session per week consecutively. To realise the full benefit of the programme participants commit to doing 30 minutes of Mind Power practice everyday for the duration of the SIX weeks.

Session #1: Thoughts Are Real Forces

Understand the dynamics of thought and mind and how they influence your life.

  • The Conscious Mind

  • Inner & Outer worlds

  • Self Observation

  • The Six Laws of the Mind

  • Concentration & Contemplation

  • Weeding Negatives

Session #2: Who's In Control?

Contrary to popular belief we aren’t really in control of our lives, we allow external forces to dominate and control our thinking and behavior.

  • Know Thyself

  • Create not React

  • The Mind is a Fertile Garden

  • From Frustration to Fascination

  • The Key

  • Seeding Technique

  • Effective Visualisation Techniques

Session #3: The Power Of The Spoken Word

Your Thought, Word and Action are powerful forces of attraction, learn to align them.

  • Decision, Action & Persistence

  • Clarity is Power

  • Mind & Body, health techniques

  • Affirmations/Incantations/Mantras

  • The Spoken Word

  • Acknowledgment Technique

Session #4: The Subconscious Mind, Your Grand Master

The true master is not the conscious mind, it is the subconscious mind, learn to speak the language of the subconscious and build a relationship with it.

  • Understanding the Subconscious Mind

  • Dream Interpretation

  • Radical Change Requires Radical Discipline

  • Making Mind Power a Habit

  • Achieving Large Goals

  • Your Creating Period

  • Your True Identity

Session #5: Setting Up a Mind Power Program / Igniting Your Vision

Mind Power is not a philosophy but a practice. During this session we provide insights that will help in designing your own unique Mind Power Program as well as identify what your vision is for your life and how to set up your Mind Power Program around living in alignment with your vision.

Session #6: Sustaining the Magic/Health and Fitness

We go through the first week of Sustaining the Magic explaining the program and how to use this program to keep your momentum going and staying on track with your Mind Power as well as delve into the importance of healthy body, healthy mind.


Sustaining The Magic Program

Spirit Of Money
Audio Course

Everything is energy, the clothes you wear, the car you drive, the house you live in. This is all energy. MONEY is also a vibrational frequency. What’s your vibrational frequency around MONEY? This course will help you shift your blocks and welcome financial abundance into your life. 


“I have literally spent years at seminars and reading self-improvement and positive books... but nothing has even come close to producing the results we’ve already received from this course so far!... I walked in expecting miracles – I received more”


“In 2009 I bought a book in a junk shop and it changed my Real Estate Business and my life. The Mind Power book and then attending the Mind Power seminar has shaped my life over the past 4 years and led me to achieve success in Real Estate I never dreamed to be possible.”


“All I can say is WOW outstanding! I own two businesses and both have far exceeded the goals I set for earnings for next year already. Amazing course thank you so much!”






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