The Spirit of Money - The Power of Affirmations

by Robin Banks | August 8, 2018 | Mind Power

Welcome back to the 3rd vlog in our series on the “Spirit of Money”


Today we are going to be speaking about one of my favorite favorite topics; and if you are a Mind Power Graduate you will know how I love, the power of affirmations. Affirmations are extremely powerful.


For those of you who do not know….what is an affirmation? An affirmation is a short, rhythmic, positive statement and each one of those is important. Its got to be short, it’s got be rhythmic and it has to be a positive statement. A short rhythmic positive statement, but the key to making it effective is to repeat it over and over and over again in the conscious mind in order for it to seep into the conscious mind, thereby becoming a magnet and attracting what it is that you want into your life.


So..we are going to be speaking about money so some of my favorite affirmations for attracting money into my life, well no surprise but most of them come from The Creating an Abundance of money cd, of John Kehoe’s. Seriously if there is a cd I highly recommend you get, if you want to create financial success, get that CD, “Creating an Abundance of Money”. You can get it from my website: ​​. I think it is R160.00 or R200.00 or something like that, but the key is to play it every single day. Play the visualisation and the affirmation side repeatedly.


The first affirmation on the cd, which is one of my favorites is; “I am tremendously successful”……”I am tremendously successful”. Now remember when you say your affirmations, you have got to say it with the right feeling. You don’t want to be saying: “I am tremendously successful, ahhhh please god, I hope so, I really need it…..NO! You have to say it like you believe it (with conviction) “I am tremendously successful” and I remember so clearly, driving in my little VW Beetle, Fun Bug…it was a yellow Fun Bug, it was a sexy one with white mags, but it was Fun Bug. I paid R4500.00 for the beetle and I’m driving around in the beetle with its leaking roof and I am saying to myself “I am tremendously successful”….”I am tremendously successful”…”I am tremendously successful……I lied (afrikaans). I was lying, I was not successful, but there is a very important point to get with the affirmations….the subconscious mind can not tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined. Now the conscious mind knows it is not real, the conscious mind knows I am driving in a beetle with a leaking roof, I am earning R5000.00 a month and I am not successful but the subconscious mind will accept whatever it is repeatedly programmed to believe.


I said it over and over again, until gradually I became more and more successful. Now the beautiful thing about affirmation is that success means different things to different people..


What does success mean to you? Now I know when I said it, I was 28 years old and I had a vision of what success meant to me and today I can say that “I am tremendously successful”.


Something that once started out as a thought today is my reality. An affirmation I really want to share with you today….and here is one that I recommend that you say. I got it from Suzie Orman. This is not my affirmation. I went to a talk of Suzie Orman’s in 2000 or 2001, she was visiting in Cape Town and I remember it was like R500.00 for those of you from different countries, it was about $50.00, this is like 15 years ago, this was to attend a 3 hour talk and I thought that is ridiculous amount of money and I remember something that Tony Robbins said; “If you take one thing out of that presentation, it might just be the thing that is worth it for you”.


I took many things but there is one affirmation that I took from that particular presentation, that had I known what it would do for me I would have paid R20 000.00 for the affirmation and I am about to give to you for FREE!! You do not have to pay nothing. This is Suzie Orman;s affirmation, she had identified a negative belief system like I asked you to do last week, she identified that her negative belief system was that she would never be successful and that she would always be dependant on other people and that is why the affirmation starts as follows; “I am financially independent and earn at least $10 000.00 a month. Now when she created the affirmation she was working as a stockbroker and she had realised that there were people in the organisation (she was earning $2000.00 a month), there were stock brokers that were doing the same job and they were earning $30 000.00 a month. She thought if they can earn that $30 000.00 surely she can earn at least $10 000.00. She started saying the affirmation…”I am financially independent and earn at least $10 000.00 a month. She said it 25 times out loud she wrote it down 25 times, she read it 25 times she thought it in her mind 25 times, so at least 100 times a day she was repeating….”I am financially independent and earn at least $10 000.00 a month. While she was standing on stage she said to us “and today ladies and gentleman, I am so glad I said at least because I earn way more then $10 000.00 a month.


So I thought ok…..if it works for her surely it can work for me. Now here is a key. She said you must make sure that your number is industry related, so at the time I was earning about R15 000.00 a month but I knew that there were speakers in that time earning R15 000.00 a day or an hour and I was earning R15 000.00 a month. So I started this affirmation and I thought if they can earn R15 000.00 in a day or an hour, surely I can earn R30 000.00 a month. So I started saying that…”I am financially independent and earn at least R30 000.00 a month. I remember standing in the shower going……”Can you imagine?” “I am financially independent and earn at least R30 000.00 a month”. I said it over and over again for about a 6 months and I started earning R30 000.00 a month and then I though if it works for 30 then I wonder if it could work for 50 so I thought I am standing here anyway, I can say whatever I want. I can feed my mind whatever thoughts I want, so I started saying that….”I am financially independent and earn at least R50 000.00 per month. I remember thinking “WOW….”can you imagine earning R50 000.00 per month”? I said it over and over again. 6 or 7 months later I started consistently earning R50 000.00 per month, so I thought if it works for 50 do you think it can work for 100, so I thought Oh well I am standing here anyway….why not see if it is going to work? “I am financially independent and earn at least R100 000.00 per month. “I am financially independent and earn at least R100 000.00 per month.


R100 000.00 in one month, at that stage I couldn’t fathom it, it was just like “WOW”


I said it over and over again, it took a bit longer but I started earning R100 000.00 per month and I must tell you that I have employed that affirmation, I employ it regularly and consistently and I am “blown” away as you Kiwi’s and Aussies would say…”I am blown away” by the results it has produced for me. It has been an amazing affirmation, so that’s an affirmation but here is the key…..first of all, make sure that you figure is industry related, if you are in a particular industry, unless you are planning to move industries. Think about the people in that industry and what is a figure you can use. Don’t jump from R15 000.00 to R100 000.00 a month, give your subconscious something to work with, give it a bone to chew. Think about it, contemplate it. I went from 15 to 30 to 50 to 100 and so you can grow incrementally in stages.


Then one last affirmation I would like to share with you, which is the final affirmation on “The Creating an abundance of Money” cd. I want to share it with you because I love how all inclusive it is. The final affirmation on that cd goes as follows…..”The greater my success the greater my ability to help others” “The greater my success the greater my ability to help others”.
Isn’t that a beautiful affirmation, that your success helps lots of people and the greater your success the greater your ability to help others. Look at Bill Gates, what a massive difference he is making. His success has helped so many people. Including you and I. I use Windows…I have a Mac and use Windows for MAC? He has helped me be successful and he has an organisation. I tell you what….the greater your success the greater your ability to help others.

One of the key ways to change your scarcity belief system to prosperity beliefs is to use affirmations. I have shared with you some of my favorite affirmations. Start using those consistently, just for the next week while you are standing in the shower; “I am financially independent and earn at least “x” amount a month” (don’t say “x” otherwise you might get a cheque at the end of the month with “x”). Put the figure and see how that works for you.

Thank you so much for tuning in, I look forward to being with you next week


Go well and as always; “Don’t forget to be awesome”!

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