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The Spirit of Money – The Power of Visualization

We spoke about the importance of getting rid of our scarcity beliefs and creating prosperity beliefs and then last week I gave you three powerful affirmations which I trust you have been using every single day, doing it once is pointless but that you have been saying your affirmations.

The Spirit of Money – Power of Affirmations

Today we are going to be speaking about one of my favorite favorite topics; and if you are a Mind Power Graduate you will know how I love, the power of affirmations. Affirmations are extremely powerful. An affirmation is a short, rhythmic, positive statement and each one of those is important. 

The Spirit of Money Part 2

We also then spoke about some common scarcity beliefs and the last thing I asked you to do at the end of the blog series last week was to identify three negative belief systems that you might have about money which could be hindering you from producing financial success and abundance in your life.


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